Investing in your health is probably just the first thing you have to do to be able to work longer and live better.”

- Joseph Coughlin, Director, Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab


Just like with fitness... small steps in your financial plan today can have a huge impact tomorrow. The markets can be unpredicitable, but your retirement planning doesn't have to be. You deserve financial security and financial independence. That's why we deliver the right financial tools to keep you prepared, effectively balancing risk and reward. 

Our Approach

The CastleRock technique offers a dynamic investment strategy with clear objectives. Through our conversational discovery process, we take the time to uncover and analyze the unique blueprint that will meet your needs. We make a consistent effort to improve and refine this process throughout your financial journey to enhance our ability to meet these objectives. Whether you are an individual investor, a non-profit, a business owner, business executive or a retirement plan sponsor- our team has the focus and integrity to help you meet your goals. 

Below is a summary of what you can expect by partnering with our firm. 

1. Determining Your Goals

It all starts with a conversation. By speaking to you and getting to know you as our client, we can then take this understanding and place it into actionable objectives.


Once we have determined your goals, we begin a review of items such as your assets, liabilities and other circumstances. Our analysis of this information will help uncover any impact it will have on your financial plan. 


Your financial plan will be your guide. Any investments services or products will serve an integral part of making your plan effective. We take the time to analyze this information alongside any risk and reward expectancies in regards to the scope of meeting your objectives. 


Once your plan is in place, it is our goal to provide full transparency and manage your portfolio under the established investment policy and guidelines. 


As our client, you will have a direct line of communication with your trusted advisor. You can expect to receive regular contact with quarterly perfomance reporting and tracking, online account access and an annual review to highlight your progress or make any adjustments. 

What sets us apart in our communication process is making sure we also address the tough questions and concerns of you and your family, such as:

  • Financial strategies for those living with dementia
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Preventing elder financial fraud
  • Tax strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Services and tools for long-term needs


Part of our effort for transparency involves educational events. We want you to feel confident in the plan we have built, and part of that is sharing our knowledge on various investment management and financial planning topics. We welcome you to let us know of any subject that would interest you as our client.