Risk Number Approaches: It all starts with the Risk Number®. The Risk Number is a quantitative way to pinpoint how much risk an investor wants, how  much risk they currently have in their portfolio, and how much risk they need to reach their goals. the greater the potential   loss, the greater the Risk Number.

Q: What determines the Risk Target number?

 A: Riskalyze optimizes a sample portfolio behind the scenes using equity, fixed income and cash allocations. For example, a   6-month range of -10% to +15% might be the product of a 55% equity, 5 % cash, 40% fixed income allocation as optimized in a   sample portfolio.

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Investors can be classified as: Aggressive, Moderately Aggressive, Moderately Conservative, or Conservative. A risk number is deturmined by your preferance in different scenarios of the market. The type of investor you are reflects the risk number you fall under.

  • Aggressive investors are open to more risk and seek quick yet large growth. They are usually willing to have large, short-term swings.

  • Moderately Aggressive investors also seek longer term investment gains however the overall portfolio contains some more conservative investments.

  • Moderately Conservative investors are less willing to accept variations. Moderately Conservative investors typically receive income from dividends on a quarterly or annual basis from their investments.

  • Conservative investors are typically those seeking a regular income stream. These types of investments lean towards preservation investments. These assets are designed to provide income and preserve the principal balance over the investor's estimated lifespan.

There are many different definitions when it comes to the type of investor you may be. No matter if you are aggressive, moderately aggressive, moderately conservative, or conservative, the goal is to build long term wealth.

To determine what type of investor you are, take the Riskalyze quiz provided by clicking the Riskalyze logo above.